Global Links 2020 v2

Mission Statement

Global Links is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit dedicated to improving health in communities with need. Global Links collaborates with U.S. healthcare institutions and the community to rescue hundreds of tons of high-quality surplus medical materials every year. These materials are shared with public health facilities around the world and with non-profit organizations in Western Pennsylvania that are providing care for their community’s most vulnerable people.

About Global Links

Global Links affirms our foundational commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. These important themes are at the forefront of our minds and our work and are woven throughout all we do. Respect for all people and the environment guides our mission. We recognize everyone has value and deserves to be included equitably. We recognize everyone is our neighbor and we are dedicated to helping all people live with dignity, independence, mobility, and in good health. We will call out inequities and injustice and work to lift up all.

Contact Information

Stacy Bodow
Phone: 412-361-3424