Pennsylvania Women Work

Mission Statement

Transform women's lives through empowerment, employment and economic independence

About Pennsylvania Women Work

Pennsylvania Women Work is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to empowering women for more than two decades by helping them find lasting employment that pays a family-sustaining wage. We help women overcome life obstacles to employment; develop job search and career skills that are transferable to any job; and forge connections that lead to brighter career paths. Our goal is to help each client achieve long-term career stability and financial independence.

Our free programs are designed to serve a wide range of clients including, displaced workers and homemakers, people reentering the workforce after being incarcerated and educated refugees and immigrants. In addition to our signature career development classes, we provide computer training, job counseling, as well as customer service classes and mentoring opportunities -- all at no cost to our clients.

Contact Information

Kristin Ioannou Phone: 412-742-4365