Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center, Inc.

Mission Statement

Macedonia FACE's mission is to encourage the development of healthy families. FACE is committed to living out its mission by addressing disparities that impact the African American family and other vulnerable populations.

About Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center, Inc.

Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center, Inc. (FACE) is a non-profit, faith -based human services agency located in the Hill District. We achieve our mission through strength-based service delivery approaches in key program areas where there is an evident need such as education, medical care, child welfare, and community violence prevention. FACE fills critical gaps, providing families with resources and referrals to meet imminent challenges, make informed decisions, and build capacity. FACE is able to address these issues because of its experience in case management, data collection, rigorous evaluation, its positive relationships with all three Hill District schools, and its active partnerships with service agencies. Our services have tangible impact on real people every day. Through these services FACE has demonstrated cultural competence, the ability to gain and keep the trust of families, and expertise in guiding families through a strength-based program of action to improve their circumstances. In order to help families become more self-sufficient, FACE has built organizational relationships that help facilitate a holistic approach to serving families.

Contact Information

Tinisha Hunt Phone: 412-281-2573