Delaware Charter Schools Network

2019 Delaware Charter Schools Network

Mission Statement

To promote quality in public education through autonomy and choice; to be an effective voice in charter school advocacy in Delaware; and to educate the community about the purpose and goals of charter schools.

About Delaware Charter Schools Network

The Delaware Charter Schools Network (DCSN) is a non-profit statewide charter support organization founded in 2001. We proudly work for over 16,000 children in 23 charter schools. Our network unifies all charter schools in order to achieve critical policy and programmatic gains. The DCSN provides advocacy and essential services to public charter schools, their boards, leaders, staff, and parents. The Network educates the public about charter schools, provides assistance to existing Delaware charter schools and those yet to open, and serves as a unified voice for the state's charter schools at the state and national level. The Delaware Charter Schools Network believes that every child deserves an opportunity for an excellent public education.  As a small state, Delaware can serve as the model for excellence in education and choice, and the Network is committed to supporting schools to enhance quality and opportunities in education. 

Since 1996 when Delaware's first charter schools opened their doors, a growing number of families have made the charter school choice, and most Delaware charter schools have waiting lists. The Network's challenge is to help improve and expand existing schools, encourage the creation of new charters, and ensure that all of Delaware's charter schools remain accountable and high performing.

Contact Information

Deborah Panchisin Phone: 302-778-5999