Read Aloud Delaware

Mission Statement

Read Aloud Delaware is a statewide nonprofit agency working to ensure that each preschool child in Delaware is regularly read to one-on-one.

About Read Aloud Delaware

Early exposure to reading helps prevent illiteracy. The single most important thing that can be done to help a child become a successful reader is to read aloud as early as possible and as often as possible. Oursignature program sends roughly 600 volunteer readers to 100 child care centers, Head Start and kindergarten sites serving low income children across the state of Delaware. Volunteers read aloud to one child at a time for 5-15 minutes depending on the child's age. Regular exposure to this experience develops the child's language skills, expands vocabulary, increases their attention span, and enhances their social skills as they learn how to have a conversation with the volunteer reader.

We offer several programs to engage parents in reading to their children and can often be found reaching out to parents through lectures, workshops, and community fairs. These presentations provide free or low-cost activities to enliven the reading experience.                    

Our annual conference for early childhood educators, held on the second Saturday in March, attracts 500-600 teachers, librarians and volunteers each year. Its 20-25 workshops provide early childhood professionals with new ideas and techniques to use in their classrooms, as well as providing 6 of their required training hours.

Contact Information

Mary Hirschbiel Phone: 302-656-5256