Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design and implement food and garden-based educational programs for Delaware schools that support content standards and promote student health.

Our vision is to inspire and motivate youth to develop lifelong wholesome eating habits by experiencing the joy of growing, cooking, and eating garden-fresh vegetables.

About Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids

Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids (HFHK) specializes in designing and implementing school vegetable garden programs for Kindergarten-8th grade students and has recently expanded into secondary schools. HFHK programs run during the academic year and allow every student to participate in hands-on learning activities. By coordinating garden building, providing teacher training and lessons, and using fast-growing, cool-weather crops, HFHK makes it practical for public schools to engage in "seed-to-table" growing every spring and fall. Produce from the garden is either served to students in school cafeterias or as part of classroom cooking demonstrations. Known for its reproducible model and sustainability which have been honed over the past ten years, the organization currently serves 12,000 students in 33 Delaware schools (28 public, 2 charter, 3 private), most of which are K-5 schools. HFHK is the ONLY organization in Delaware that has implemented multiple, successful school gardening programs!

Contact Information

Lindsay Lancaster Phone: 302-220-6998