St. Michael's School & Nursery

Mission Statement

St. Michael's School and Nursery is committed to the growth and support of children's development in mind, body, character and spirit.  We provide exemplary and affordable early education and childcare in a nurturing atmosphere.  St. Michael's welcomes all children.

About St. Michael's School & Nursery

Incorporated in 1890, St. Michael's is the oldest early childhood program in Delaware and one of the oldest in the United States. Long ago, we offered shelter with safety, comfort and life lessons to children whose working parents had limited choices. As a result, they left them to fend for themselves in vacant lots near the Riverfront tanneries and other businesses. We accepted children of all races and religions when other agencies would not because our founders knew what all young children needed and provided it for them. Over the years, the school operated as a babies' hospital, offered shelter to homeless and abandoned children and doubled as an adoption agency to find homes for them.    

Today, St. Michael's School is a caring and stimulating environment designed for the way young children grow and learn. We continue to ensure that all of our children are given an equal chance for a quality education and a bright future. We have evolved from being primarily a childcare agency into a premier early education school for children birth through age eight.

Contact Information

Ashlinn Steele Phone: 302-656-3389