Friendship House, Inc.

Mission Statement

Friendship House is celebrating its 30 year anniversary! 

Based in New Castle County, Delaware, Friendship House is a non-profit faith based corporation serving individuals and families that are or are at risk of becoming homeless. Welcoming to all, Friendship House strives to serve as a sanctuary and stepping stone to those in need through the traditional spiritual ministries of hospitality, education, empowerment and community.

About Friendship House, Inc.

With over 1,500 volunteers and a staff of over 30 full and part time employees, Friendship House programs improve the lives of over 5,500 homeless or at risk of becoming homeless individuals and families throughout New Castle County each year.  

Friendship House uses a six stage Empowerment Strategy Model to provide the homeless or at risk of becoming homeless with a strategic pathway from survival to self-sufficiency. These programs include day ministry through Empowerment Day Centers; distribution of donated clothing to those in need and employment training through the Clothing Bank of Delaware; transitional housing through the Housing Program; and Winter Sanctuary designed to offer a warm and safe place from the harsh winter elements. As part of its philosophy, Friendship House does not accept state or federal funding. Although economically challenging, this choice enables the Friendship House strategic planning process to be consumer driven. As such, Friendship House has been able to develop timely programs, designed to fill in the gaps in New Castle County's homeless service network, that are practical solutions to social needs identified by its  homeless clients and community partners.   .

Contact Information

Kay Preston Phone: (302) 521-3574