Delaware Center for Justice, Inc.

Mission Statement

The Delaware Center for Justice, Inc. is the leading non-profit organization in Delaware committed to transforming the quality of justice through advocacy, policy, and practice.

About Delaware Center for Justice, Inc.

What began as the Prisoner's Aid Society in 1920 has evolved into an organization that currently serves both adults and youth who are justice-involved  transforming the delivery of justice in Delaware and implementing programs that facilitate fresh starts for victims of crime, youth at risk, and the incarcerated. We are a diverse staff with one vision  to continue the legacy of making a difference in Delaware.  

In pursuit of a higher quality of justice, DCJ focuses on issues and actions impacting the criminal justice system, including:

-Conditions of confinement

-Alternatives to incarceration

-Re-entry initiatives for incarcerated populations

-More cost-effective & efficient use of limited corrections resources

-Legislative reform

-Meeting the needs of victims of crime

-Crime prevention & intervention programs

Contact Information

Robin Stramp, Office Coordinator & Communications Assistant Phone: 302-658-7174 ext 10.