C.E.R.T.S., Inc.

Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of adults with multiple, severe disabilities and, in turn, their families through an active personalized day program.

About C.E.R.T.S., Inc.

Once out of the public school system and turning 21, there are few options for adults with severe, multiple disabilities. In response to this need, C.E.R.T.S., Inc. Adult Action Centers was founded by a group of concerned parents in search of day programming for their adult children.  Today, services for this niche population are provided at locations in Newark and Smyrna. The staff participant ratio at C.E.R.T.S., Inc. is 3:1 with a full time staff nurse necessary due to the complicated medical issues of our participants. Activities are person-centered with a variety of options offered that include physical therapy, community outings, painting, pottery and music appreciation along with cooking and baking just to name a few. A major componant of offered iservices is the inclusion of the MOVE¨ program where our participants have the opportunity to get out of their wheelchairs and into a specialized walker. The act of moving has numerous health benefits but also fosters individual independent skills. C.E.R.T.S., Inc. is the only MOVE¨ approved model site in the state of Delaware.

Contact Information

Terry Cipolla Phone: 302-731-0301 tcipolla@certsinc.org


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