Mt. Ararat Community Activity Center

ECDC Staff at MACAC Christmas Party 2021
ECDC Staff at MACAC Christmas Party 2021

ECDC (Early Childhood Development Center)

Welcome to ECDC Team

ECDC staff are passionate about the work they do! We take extra care of the children! We are a family! Someone wrote, "chance made us colleagues. Fun and laughter made us family." ECDC made of individuals who come together and strive to create an inviting, fun, and safe atmopshere to help the children grow and thrive. 


The Staff at ECDC make learning fun so that it produces in the children a high retention of knowledge learned—making their transition to the next learning level, up through to kindergarten, a natural and positive experience. We serve all children without regard to race, culture, social or religious background.They ensure that their classroom meet DHS regulations and STAR 4 rating in the Keystone STARS program.

These individuals have persevered through being short staffed and enrollment was down. Nonetheless ECDC has acquired the best educators to help enrollment increase. Our families will attest to the great work these individuals do on the daily.
Please consider making a donation on their behalf to support our organization and them.

We appreciate you!
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