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Last year's walk
Last year's walk

Team Spencer

Dear Friends and Family,

Our family is walking to support Autism Connection of Pennsylvania for the umpteenth consecutive year in the 2019 Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community.

We humbly ask you to either join us at the walk or support us with a small (or big!) donation.  Your donation will go a long way toward helping individuals and families like ours throughout the region maximize quality of life for those on the autism spectrum and those who are connected to them.  

We, as Autism Connection does, deeply believe that all people in the world have gifts to contribute, including (and sometimes especially) people with autism.  Autism Connection helps people on the spectrum identify and use their unique talents to unlock human potential that otherwise might be overlooked.  That is good for all of us.

Autism Connection also helps its stakeholders mitigate their unique challenges.  For example, Autism Connection has taken the lead regionally in helping those on the spectrum enjoy the arts by working closely with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in hosting "sensory friendly" performances that allow those with autism and their families to attend without fear of typical environmental triggers that cause distress and to experience it with others who understand their challenges.

While Autism Connection has historically excelled in helping families with diagnostics, finding treatment providers, providing education and emotional support, and assisting with school-related issues, it now finds itself needing to support a population that is aging into adulthood.  This means Autism Connection is researching and advocating for housing, transportation, and employment solutions that are currently very scarce.  This will require even more financial resources as Autism Connection will need to continue to serve the child and school age segments.

So again we humbly ask for your help in supporting Autism Connection support our community.  And I'll disclose again that I serve as Treasurer and a Director on the Board.  I will personally vouch for every dollar of your donation being maximized.

And to put more skin in the game, this year, like last year, we will personally donate 50% of the total we raise (and if you walk for us, 50% of everything YOU raise).

Thank you so much for reading this far!!

Spencer, Steve, MJ, and Charlie

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