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We hope this page finds you healthy and in good spirits!

We're asking for your support in making a difference in the lives of individuals and families in Pittsburgh on May 12, 2018. We'll be participating in Highmark's Walk For A Healthy Community to raise funds on behalf of the Mount Ararat Community Activity Center, Inc. (MACAC) and we would like for you to join us!

You may already know that we serve on the Health & Wellness Ministry of Mount Ararat Baptist Church in the East End of Pittsburgh in order to bring health awareness, initiatives and prevention to our members and surrounding communities. It is also our ministry's duty to bring donor support to Mount Ararat Community Activity Center, Inc. (MACAC) which provides many needs to social issues. An individual's social and environmental health ties into one's physical, spiritual and mental health, therefore our passion for this cause is of great importance to our purpose and mission for a healthy community.

This year our team is fundraising towards programs that will further the MACAC mission to improve the quality of life of families throughout the East End and Greater Pittsburgh communities by:

  • Offering Daycare, After School Programs, Mentoring and Youth Programs, Senior Programs.
  • Empowering individuals and families to become productively independent.
  • Foster conditions that assure economic stability of individuals and families.
  • Empowering Youth through Summer Day Camps, Scholarships and Technology Activities.
  • Providing programs such as Food & Clothing Bank, Crisis Center, Computer Training.

These are just a handful of the services the center provides every day to our neighbors, friends and at times our very own families or self. Many of us could be just one life event or paycheck away from these very basic needs. Please consider making a donation to MACAC today so they may invest in the quality of lives in our city of Pittsburgh.
If you can make a donation please keep in mind 100% of your contribution will make an impact in the life of a child or family in need.

Thank you for your support!!!

Mount Ararat Baptist Church Health & Wellness Ministry
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