Pennsylvania Women Work


Thank you for visiting my fundraising page - you are likely here because you want a new resume, or have been wondering how your resume may be perceived by digital systems. I am here to help you - while helping an organization I have been volunteering with since 2008. As the current President of the Board of Directors, I have met incredible women who have experienced unimaginable hardships and who have transformed their lives. These women have inspired me with their determination and courage.

With an average 85 percent placement rate of program graduates in jobs or further training, PA Women Work is a proven example of what women can do when they're given the tools and skills needed to achieve their goals. When you give to Pennsylvania Women Work, you're giving a woman a new chance in life; since 1993, we have empowered over 55,000 women across the state and saved millions in tax payer dollars!

But today is also about you! If you have a resume that needs reviewed, refreshed or written from scratch, I am here to help. All you have to do is make a donation to PA Women Work and I'll help you do the rest! Your donation to my walk team will help continue our mission - and your resume can springboard you on to the next step in your personal journey.

Here are the suggested donations:

Resume Audit: $25 - this includes a one page written evaluation of your current resume

Resume Re-fresh: $100 - are you looking to have your current resume re-written? for $100 I will provide you a resume audit - along with a new - freshly updated resume in both .doc and .pdf formats

Resume & Profile Creation: $300 - at this level, we will work together to create a marketing plan, digital resume, cover letter and thank you package that you can use for your job search.

Thank you for your support of Pennsylvania Women Work!
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