Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania

Titanium Cranium

Team Titanium Cranium Welcomes you to our page!! Please join us May 11, 2019 at Stage AE in the North Shore to support brain injury awareness, the Brain Injury Associate of PA and meet survivors just like me!! Bring your puppadoos and babies too!! Every dollar you pledge goes directly to the Brain Injury Associate of Pennsylvania!
On September 15, 2007 I was involved in a motor vehicle vs pedestrian accident.  I was struck by a drunk driver while crossing the street. I sustained a closed frontal lobe injury to my brain.  I was knocked unconscious into a coma where I remained for 7 days.  I suffered bleeding of the brain, swelling of the brain, fluid on my spine, heart contusion, multiple skull fractures, superficial brusing and a torn ACL. When I woke up for my coma after seven days I never knew how drastically my life would change. Let alone what a TBI was. After spending 7 days at Allegheny general hospital ICU I was transferred via ambulance to UPMC South Side where I would begin journey to recovery. I had lost all cognitive functioning and my memory was a thing of the past. I no longer knew how to do the simple everyday things I had taken for granted for 18 years – walking, talking, writing – and remembering. Over the past decade I have strived to accept my new normal and relearn how to learn, love and accept myself.  I am asking you to sponsor my team Titanium Cranium and I and join me in the Highmark Healthy Walk for the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania! Bring you pups, strutt your stuff and meet other survivors just like me!!
Thank you for supporting  our team in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community.
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