Pittsburgh Mercy

Team A2U

A2U will be walking May 11th at 9:00 (7:45 check in).  A2U takes pride in keeping our city safe and connected, particularly by helping health care organizations put patients first through better technology solutions. Driven by compassion and hope, Pittsburgh Mercy's mission is centered around health and wellness. Together, A2U and Pittsburgh Mercy are leading change and improving lives. We are two, homegrown organizations that care about our community – that’s why it was an easy decision for our groups to team up.

This year donations raised by Pittsburgh Mercy teams will benefit The Way Home, a fundraising campaign in support of Operation Safety Net. The program provides permanent homes and support for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in Pittsburgh.

Nearly 250 Pittsburgh men and women currently live in tents, on the streets, or in dangerous, unstable living situations. While the reasons for homelessness varies, a transition to housing has been a proven path to success for many.

On average, $2,600 is enough to help open the door to a new life - covering costs for a security deposit, first month’s rent, basic furnishings, and food. Paired with ongoing care management and follow-up visits, once-homeless individuals are given hope and a renewed journey toward self-sufficiency.

Since 2007, more than 1,400 individuals have found a home through the efforts of Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net.® An impressive 85% of those housed have remained in their new homes — with most requiring two years or less of continued support before achieving independence.

With a long waiting list of candidates hoping to make a fresh start, The Way Home aims to raise critical funds to fuel the efforts of Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net® to aid Pittsburgh’s homeless community.

With your help, individuals experiencing homelessness can find not only a safe place to live, but also a productive place in our Pittsburgh community.

As an individual, organization, business, school, or faith community, we hope YOU will make a pledge today to help transition a homeless individual into stable housing. Each dollar helps Pittsburgh Mercy continue to be a compassionate and healing presence to vulnerable people in our city.

A2U will be walking for a healthy community on May 12th, and we hope you’ll sponsor us as a team or support one of our individual team members. Your contribution can change a life. Please help us show someone The Way Home.
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