2018 Education Partnership

Mission Statement

The mission of The Education Partnership is to provide school supplies for students and their teachers in low-income schools in Southwestern PA.

About The Education Partnership

In line with our mission to provide school supplies for students and their teachers in low-income schools in Southwestern PA, The Education Partnership utilizes members of the local community to help close the school supply gap created by income inequality and address the need for school supplies, ultimately providing pathways to success in school and possibly beyond.

During the 2019-2020 school year The Education Partnership will distribute $4M+ worth of critical school supplies to students and teachers from 139 local low-income schools with student body populations >70% impoverished, putting tools in the hands of more than 57,000 local students all under the umbrella of The Education Partnership's innovative programs:

  • Teacher Resource Center invites enrolled teachers from partner schools to "shop" for free school supplies once per semester (July-October and November-March). Each teacher is guaranteed an allotment of core school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, filler paper, crayons, etc.), and extra classroom supplies--like toys, clothing, cleaning supplies, furniture, etc.--that vary based on availability. Each time a teacher "shops" at our Center, we estimate that they leave with about $500 worth of free supplies!
  • The Adopt-A-School program connects businesses, organizations, and community members to schools in need, facilitating the creation and distribution of Power Tools Homework Kits for students. Power Tools Homework Kits are designed to provide the basic supplies students need to fully engage in their schoolwork.
  • The STEAM Lending Library equips our partner teachers with classroom kits of ready-to-use, hands-on resources for teaching engaging lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.Each enrolled teacher at our partner schools is eligible to reserve one of our STEAM kits each month, based on availability.

Contact Information

Kiki Reis
Phone: 412-922-6500