Mission Statement

Imani believes that regardless of a student's background, resources or social inheritance, all children deserve a quality education. Our mission is to embrace all children in our society, particularly those who are underserved, to transform them spiritually, academically, physically, and socially to pursue lives of purpose and contribution. For many, Imani has been the seminal intervention that has allowed students to defy the statistical norms on incarceration, addiction, teenage pregnancy and violence.

About Imani Christian Academy

Imani Christian Academy was founded in 1993 on the idea that regardless of their background, their resources, and their social inheritance ALL children deserve an education. Imani is a private Pre-K to 12 school in the East Hills, serving approximately 200 children from 12 school districts in Allegheny County. While open to all students, the majority who attend Imani are African American inner-city youth and many are overcoming heartbreaking obstacles. They are challenged by poverty, violence, gangs, substance abuse, negative peer influences, and low academic expectations. We provide a safe, nurturing environment environment where they are free to learn and develop. Individualized attention, together with a rigorous academic curriculum, and everyday exposure to positive role models provide a learning environment tailored to the students' unique needs.

Without Imani's intervention, many would become negative statistics. To the contrary, Imani focuses on the fact that each student is filled with the promise and potential despite their background, resources and social inheritance. Imani focuses on the resilience of the human spirit and its ability to overcome circumstances and rise to the level of expectation. Imani focuses on the fact that education remains the single most powerful tool devised to combat poverty. And ultimately, Imani proceeds with its mission stilled by the unwavering belief that the love demonstrated by this school to its students will defy the statistical norm.

Contact Information

JD Koch
Phone: 412-731-7982