Riverside Women's Association (RWA)

2019 Riverside

Mission Statement

The Riverside Women's Association (RWA) was founded in 1994 and is a great organization filled with generous, creative women who are determined to give back to our communities while providing a social and intellectual outlet for our group of ladies and to empower each other. We hold monthly meetings to discuss new and exciting ways to raise money for local charities and scholarships. Since 2005, we have raised over $106,000 to benefit our Core Charities, Scholarship recipients, and some special charities voted on by our participants. BREAK We Put the Fun in Fundraising!

About Riverside Women's Association (RWA)

We are always welcoming new women to our group from Oakmont, Verona, and the surrounding area and you can join at any time. Join us for a meeting or attend one of our events to learn more about us. Besides the pride you will feel giving back to your community through volunteering or fundraising, you will make real, true friends here. There will be times when you feel you have no more energy to give; come and sit. There will be times when you feel eager to do; come and lead. We are a community for each other before we are a force in the communities in which we live.

Contact Information

Stephanie Vespi Phone: 412-915-0647 rwa@riversidewomensassociation.org