Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Young Leadership Board

2019 Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Young Leadership Board

Mission Statement

Girls Hope helps academically capable and motivated girls-in-need to meet their full potential and become women for others by providing value-centered, family-like homes, opportunities and education through college.

About Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Young Leadership Board

Many factors beyond a child's control can strangle her promise and potential and threaten her future. These factors can vary from economically challenged neighborhoods to physically and mentally abusive situations to chaotic family lifestyles. A child caught in these circumstances may never overcome the negative cycle of poverty and abuse. She will be unable to realize her own potential and break the cycle for herself, her family and community. Girls Hope of Pittsburgh is a preventative program which identifies these young girls with academic potential and provides them with the support necessary to value themselves and be leaders in the community.

The Girls Hope program is designed to provide stability and encouragement for a girl who faces a family situation that is potentially dangerous to her own mental, spiritual and physical development. The recruitment and selection of scholars is vital to establishing a foundation for success. The program's scholars are recommended by school principals, guidance counselors, social workers and family members. The key components of the Girls Hope program are providing stability and structure within the home; providing quality secondary education; and offering service and faith-based activities.

Contact Information

Abigail Green Phone: 412-329-7172