The Education Partnership

2018 Education Partnership

Mission Statement

The Education Partnership provides school supplies for students and their teachers in low-income schools in Southwestern PA.

About The Education Partnership

In our 7-county region of Southwestern PA, more than 62,000 students (1 in 3 students) go to school every day without the most basic supplies. School supplies are necessary to help students succeed in the classroom, while also being the first thing sacrificed as school budgets shrink. This burden then falls on families who simply cannot fill the gap by buying their children the supplies missing from their schools. When the majority of families of a school still need help just to afford food, buying school supplies isn't possible. Education is the only way students can improve their situation and create a better future; but without basic supplies, it is nearly impossible to succeed.

To reach the students who face the greatest educational inequality, The Education Partnership serves schools where 70% or more of students qualify for the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Income guidelines are at a mere 130% and 185% of the poverty line, so a single parent with 1 child would make less than $29,471 a year to qualify. With such incredibly limited resources, these families have to make harsh choices. We work directly with educators from schools that are impacted the most by this problem to most effectively shape our programs. Because of this dynamic, The Education Partnership builds measurable, long-term success. The Education Partnership uses financial donations to buy school and classroom supplies in bulk and also collects donated (re-purposed, recycled, new or nearly new) office supplies, equipment and furniture.

Contact Information

Kiki McGuinn Phone: 412-922-6500