Pressley Ridge

Mission Statement

To do whatever it takes to create success for children and families.

About Pressley Ridge

Since 1832, Pressley Ridge has done whatever it takes to create success for children, adults and families. Pressley Ridge's innovative programming helps to rebuild communities and families who are facing difficult challenges and complex situations. From mental health and foster care services to residential treatment facilities and education for children with special needs, including autism and deafness, Pressley Ridge empowers 7,300 kids and families each year with the ability and confidence to succeed. Pressley Ridge serves communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Through our trauma-sensitive approach and family engagement models, Pressley Ridge's goal is to create lifelong connections. Our services include foster care; community-based mental and behavioral health; residential treatment; and specialized education for both autistic and Deaf students, as well as alternative education for students with behavioral issues.

Contact Information

Alyssa DeLuca Phone: 412-519-8349