InVision Foundation

Mission Statement

InVision Human Services is a family of companies with a mission to "provide innovative leadership, management, and governance to the IHS family of companies and its business partners so they may passionately and successfully pursue their specific missions."

IHS supports persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through its flagship company, InVision Customized Services (ICS). ICS's mission is to "passionately deliver an array of person-driven services for people with disabilities in pursuit of their life visions."

InVision Foundation (IF) is IHS's vehicle for receiving and disseminating contributions. IF's mission is to "ensure that individuals living with challenging life situations or conditions have access to the human services they need to reach their vision for a meaningful life in community."

About InVision Foundation

As a provider for 25 years, InVision has been at the forefront of innovative, cutting-edge, and visionary services for individuals with intellectual and other disabilities. Services include a community-based residential program, employment and community supports, monthly therapeutic social opportunities, a one-of-a-kind program for problematic sexual behaviors, and an integrated behavioral health program. InVision's unique philosophy consists of customized (person-driven) supports and use of positive approaches.

Contact Information

Jennifer Ficarri Phone: 724-933-5100