Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Mission Statement

Family Promise SWPA connects homeless children and their families with a network of local congregations and dedicated staff, all focused on providing them with shelter, hospitality and support until they are able to return to sustainable independent lives

About Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania

When you say the word "homeless" there's a picture that often comes to mind ...but here's another picture: in our country today, over 35% of the homeless population is made up of families with children, and most of those little one are age 5 and under.

Family Promise provides more than just shelter to families who are experiencing homelessness. We are focused on keeping the family together while they rebuild their lives, and we are dedicated to providing quality supportive services to help our families achieve their housing and other goals.

Family Promise is a partnership between the faith community and our professional staff. Our unique model enables Family Promise to deliver services at !!!!!ITALIC!!!!! less than a third of the cost of running a traditional shelter

Since opening in 1995, Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania has served over 600 local families, including nearly 1,200 children, and approximately 70% of the families who come to us go successfully to housing.

Contact Information

Laura Vincenti Phone: 412-921-2916