Consumer Health Coalition

Mission Statement

Consumer Health Coalition's mission is to inspire a consumer movement to advance health and enhance access to quality, affordable healthcare in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

About Consumer Health Coalition

Consumer Health Coalition has been a voice within and among the community for over 20 years. We have been a voice of reason, neutrality, and support to neighbors throughout the region. Our mission is to inspire consumers to enhance their opportunities for health and access to quality, affordable, accessible healthcare in Pennsylvania. We understand that people experience unequal starting points and social determinants which result in a lack of knowledge, access and ability to apply for vital benefits. CHC has been based in Pittsburgh since its inception and is dedicated to the eradication of disparities in health through education, outreach, advocacy and awareness raising projects. We have been successful in partnerships with human service agencies across the region with cross-referrals to encompass the area of expertise best suited to the consumer's needs.

Contact Information

Katie Holler Phone: 412-456-1877