Angels' Place, Inc.

2019 Angels' Place

Mission Statement

Angels' Place, Inc. provides exceptional family support and quality early childhood education and child care to help parents in need and their children become lifelong learners and create a brighter future.

About Angels' Place, Inc.

Angels' Place provides services that strengthen the family, support parents to complete their educational goals and obtain satisfying employment, moving toward self-sufficiency. While parents are receiving the support and encouragement they need, their children are receiving highly accredited early childhood education and child care. Angels' Place recognizes and responds to the crucial needs of children who are facing multiple risk factors prior to kindergarten entry.

Two generations are served by Angels' Place: assisting single parents while helping their young children, from birth through five, thrive and achieve school readiness. Traditional child care models are insufficient to meet the complex needs of single parent families who face substantial financial challenges and risk factors. Serving the needs of both parents and children, we provide crucial but rarely available elsewhere support for the whole family success.

Contact Information

Cari Quinn Phone: 412-321-4447