Angels' Place, Inc.

Mission Statement

At Angels' Place, Inc. our mission is to provide exceptional family support and high quality early childhood education to help parents in need and their children become lifelong learners and create a brighter future.

About Angels' Place, Inc.

Since 1984, single parents of low-income have been provided the opportunity to complete their education, become self-sufficient, and secure or maintain satisfying employment while receiving quality early childhood education and child care for their children and family support services. These services have been available at low or no cost to families through the quality programming and family support program provided at Angels' Place. Angels' Place provides: Accredited high quality early childhood education and child care Assistance in meeting the family's food, clothing, and other basic needs Facilitated group discussion of parenting, health, safety, nutrition, financial literacy and other life skills Individual and group counseling and tutoring for parents Parent and child play groups that enhance attachment and relationships Opportunities for growth through referrals for services from community partners

Contact Information

Cari Goss Quinn Phone: 412-321-4447