Pressley Ridge

Mission Statement

To do whatever it takes to create success for children and families.

About Pressley Ridge

Since 1832, Pressley Ridge has helped to rebuild communities and families by providing innovative and diverse services for children, adults and families who are facing difficult challenges and complex situations. With locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Delaware, we are a vital resource that offers a continuum of programs, including mental health services, foster care, residential treatment and specialized education for children with special needs, all with a goal of establishing stable families and lifelong relationships.

At Pressley Ridge, we share a dream that one day all kids may thrive. All of our efforts every day are directed at creating a world in which our vision can become a reality.

Improving Our Community Through Mental Health Services

Pressley Ridge's Outpatient Mental Health Services seek to provide flexible, empathetic, individualized services to adults, youths and families who are at risk of, or who have been affected by, out- of-home placement, domestic violence, grief and loss, and other complex traumas, and may need an alternative treatment approach. Our program strives to enhance the strengths that exist naturally in children and families. Pressley Ridge addresses the unique needs of each child and family through community-based counseling, education, re-education, training, conflict resolution and networking within a permanency, trauma informed care focus, and multi-cultural framework.

Funds raised through this Walk will allow Pressley Ridge to offer psychiatric, diagnostic, and psychotherapy services by covering thousands of dollars in free care that is not reimbursed through the Department of Human Resources or Medicaid. Moreover, it is critical to sustaining the availability and access to quality psychiatric care, and allows a continuation of Pressley Ridge services for all who seek treatment. These funds will allow us the flexibility to extend our reach into the community and provide mental wellness services to even more children and adults.

Contact Information

Alyssa DeLuca Phone: (412) 872-9431