Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

Mission Statement

To advance the safety and well-being of victims of intimate partner violence and prevent and respond to intimate partner violence through social change.

About Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

For over forty years Women’s Center & Shelter (WC&S) has been the leader in providing critical services to women and children of domestic abuse in the Pittsburgh area. 

Trusted partners with local law enforcement, legal agencies and other nonprofit organizations, allows us to continue the fight for the rights of all victims of intimate partner violence and create a world where everyone can experience love and compassion in a safe, healthy manner.

Every year, more than 6,000 victims of domestic violence seek support to escape life- threatening abuse.


  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Emergency Shelter and housing assist for a new life
  • Individual crisis counseling
  • Legal and personal advocacy
  • Support groups for women, children and men        
  • Financial coaching and resources to rebuild their lives

Your contribution – to her new life- so she has access to EVERYTHING she needs, NOW at her most vulnerable time.

$25 Provides One hour on the hotline- to receive critical emotional and practical support

$50 Gives Her FIRST NIGHT OF SAFETY sheltered from physical, emotional or financial abuse and access to everything she needs to live free from violence,

$100 Powerful Safety planning for Four Women- to help leave abuse with the best success.

$250 Emergency Shelter for a family- so that fear of leaving the children behind does not have to be part of her story.

Thank you for making a difference in women and children escaping violence.

Contact Information

Susannah Hilliard Phone: 412-687-8017 ext. 337 hilliards@wcspittsburgh.org