Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Mission Statement

Family Promise SWPA connects homeless children and their families with a network of local congregations and dedicated staff, all focused on providing them with shelter, hospitality and support until they are able to return to sustainable independent lives

About Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania

When you say the word "homeless" there's a picture that often comes to mind and it's usually not a pretty one...but here is another picture: in our country today, over 35% of the homeless population is made up of families with children. Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania provides shelter and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to families experiencing what may be the worst crisis of their lives. The families who turn to us have lost their housing because they've lost a job, or a marriage or parenting relationship has broken up, they have removed their children from an emotionally unhealthy living situation, or they have gotten caught with a slum landlord and the property isn't safe. Families turn to us because they truly have no place to go. At Family Promise, we welcome the family as a whole, enabling them to stay together while they work to get back on their feet.

Family Promise is both effective and cost-effective. We mobilize hundreds of volunteers who are doing the hands-work in their church facilities, creating a community response to family homelessness. Our unique model enables Family Promise to deliver safe shelter, compassionate care and professional case management services at less than a third of the cost of services by a traditional shelter. The impact of our strong case management results in nearly 70% of our families successfully moving from our program to safe, affordable housing.

Contact Information

Laura Vincenti Phone: 412-921-2916