Mission Statement

Verland was the vision of three women joined by the bond of helping a loved one with intellectual and physical disabilities. Verland was incorporated in 1978 with a mission to provide the highest quality life span support in dignified community-based living options to individuals with moderate to profound intellectual and physical disabilities. Verland provides home-like residences to 256 individuals with moderate to profound intellectual and physical disabilities. A full spectrum of educational and social support activities contributes to performing this mission.

About Verland

Verland is a not-for-profit agency in southwestern Pennsylvania that provides vital services to persons with severe intellectual and physical disabilities. We operate 53 homes and four Adult Training Facilities (ATFs) throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. Employing a staff of 550 people, Verland provides a full range of residential, therapy, and health services for 256 individuals with disabilities who reside in Allegheny county and three other counties in the region. In addition to receiving the majority of its funding through the state of Pennsylvania, Verland raises funds from grantmaking foundations, five annual special events, individual contributions, and limited corporate sponsorship.  

Verland is registered with the Federal and State governments as a charitable entity, receives financial support from the United Way, the Pittsburgh Foundation, and similar organizations, and gratefully accepts assistance from outside groups to help our clients.

Contact Information

Ellen Skakalski Phone: 207-213-6056