2020 VRC

Mission Statement

We support all victims of crime through a comprehensive range of 24-hour services; we advocate to enhance the quality of care to victims; and we educate to prevent future victimization.

About Victims Resource Center

We have been supporting crime victims in Luzerne, Wyoming and Carbon Counties for 45 years.All our services are confidential and offered to women, men and children at no cost.

Being a victim of crime can be a difficult and stressful experience, and not everyone has the same reaction to trauma.You may be faced with challenges you never expected to face.If you or someone you know are a victim of crime, no matter when that victimization occurred - days, weeks or years ago, we are here for you.Here's how Victims Resource Center can help: 

  • 24-hour support:Counselor/Advocates are available to provide support to survivors, families and friends.They can answer questions, provide crisis counseling or just listen.
  • Accompaniment:Counselor/Advocates are available 24-hours a day to go with you to the hospital during an exam, to law enforcement interviews and through criminal justice proceedings to offer support, explain your rights as a victim, explain the process and available options.
  • Individual and Group Counseling:Counselor/Advocates are available for both survivors and significant others.
  • Advocacy:Advocates work with hospitals, police, courts, social services and other agencies to improve services available for victims.
  • Education:Programs are available for schools, community groups and professionals to prevent future victimization.

Contact Information: 24-hour hotline:570-823-0765 www.vrcnepa.org

Contact Information

Suzanne Beck
Phone: 570-823-0766