Sixth Street Shelter

Mission Statement

The Sixth Street Shelter assists families experiencing homelessness secure safe housing through family-centered services, in-house programming, and referrals to community resources while advocating that affordable housing is a human right.

About Sixth Street Shelter

The Sixth Street Shelter is located in Center City Allentown, and provides intense case management and safe, short-term housing for families of any configuration (including those with fathers and teenaged boys, multi-generational families, and those from the LGBTQ+ community) experiencing homelessness. The property has 25 private apartments, a Family Resource Center, playground, and full-choice food pantry for residents.

The costs to provide just ONE family for a 60 and 90 day stay at the shelter is $7,000 and $10,000. We can only assist families experiencing homelessness with your HELP. With you, together, we can continue to provide them with essential services, safe shelter, and give them HOPE! When they have hope, they have courage to believe in themselves, break through barriers, and become self-sufficient. Our families' children also need your help! 53% of the individuals we served last year are under the age of ten, which includes critical years for brain development. WE NEED YOU! THEY need you! Please, Donate now.

Additionally, our 18-to 24-month transitional housing programs in Allentown and Easton make it possible for parents to pursue educational or vocational training while working towards self-sufficiency for themselves and their children. We believe that education and job training play an important and valuable role in helping families thrive while also ending the cycle of generational poverty. To continue the ability to assist our families experiencing homelessness WE NEED YOU! THEY need you! Please, Donate now.

Contact Information

Michelle Weissmann
Phone: 484-821-2809