Northeast Search and Rescue (NESAR)

2019 Northeast Search and Rescue

Mission Statement

NESAR volunteers offer their specialist search-and-rescue skills to bring home the lost, missing, and injured and provide emergency response during natural and manmade disasters, all over Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, the tri-state area, and beyond.

About Northeast Search and Rescue (NESAR)

Always training, always on call ... that others may live.

Since our founding in 1972, lost and injured people - hikers, campers, hunters, dementia patients, young children (often with special needs) have relied on the life-saving services of Northeast Search and Rescue (NESAR).

NESAR is among the foremost search and rescue teams on the East Coast. Our K9 search units, water rescue/recovery units, and wilderness evac units regularly work emergency searches throughout Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and beyond. Our human and K9 members have been integral to search and rescue/recovery operations in the aftermaths of the World Trade Center attack, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and Hurricane Harvey. We are on call 24/7/365. In an average year, we log approximately 50 searches and 10,000 search and training hours.

Our handlers, K9s, and technical rescue specialists are trained in live find, human remains detection, trailing, water detection, swift water rescue, grid search, disaster response, search management, and more, and respond to calls for assistance day or night, on land or water, in all weather.

NESAR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our members are strictly volunteer and do not receive financial compensation for their services. NESAR is deployed only by authorizing authorities and does not charge for its services.

NESAR is dedicated to serving our communities and helping families on their worst days. 

Contact Information

Amy Wardle Phone: 6103937669