Mercy School for Special Learning

Mission Statement

To give all children and young adults with special needs the best opportunity to reach their utmost potential, both academically and in life, which is an expression and extension of the Catholic Church's mission to promote the Gospel and sanctity of human life.

We promise to:

Love, respect, and treasure each unique individual Use academics, activities, and community engagement to build life skills and confidence Provide a safe, nurturing and spiritual environment

About Mercy School for Special Learning

Mercy School For Special Learning opened its doors in 1954, and ever since then, we have been providing been special education for young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We have a Pre-K program for ages 3-5, where children with typical learning ability are integrated with children with learning disabilities, for a very unique educational environment.

We have a school-age program for ages 5-21, where students are grouped by learning ability instead of grade. And we have a daytime habilitative 21+ program for adults who cannot obtain gainful employment because of their disabilities.

Contact Information

Mark Napierkowski Phone: 610-797-8242