Center for Humanistic Change

Mission Statement

We give people, especially youth, the knowledge and tools they need to make better-informed and more positive life choices.

About Center for Humanistic Change

The Center for Humanistic Change prepares people to meet life's challenges. We believe that individuals equipped with knowledge and life skills are more likely to make positive, healthy choices in their lives. We offer evidence-based and custom-designed education -- focused primarily on building resiliency and preventing substance abuse -- that gives people the knowledge and skills they need to make better choices.

We serve elementary-, middle-, and high school-aged youth; parents and educators; and employees at workplaces throughout Lehigh Valley, PA. Although primarily school-focused, we serve people wherever they are - in schools, neighborhoods, community-based organizations, communities of faith, and worksites.

Contact Information

Pam James Phone: 610-443-1595