Lehigh Valley Active Life

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Mission Statement

Lehigh Valley Active Life is fulfilling our mission to engage people 55 and over in social, recreational, creative, physical and educational activities that are affordable, stimulating and contribute to an improved quality of life..

About Lehigh Valley Active Life

Founded in 1960, Lehigh Valley Active Life is a destination for thousands of senior citizens each year. We provide hundred of social, recreational, and educational activities, all of which promote health aging. We are the only multi-purpose senior center in Lehigh County. Senior citizens are thirteen percent of our population and provide a tremendous benefit to our neighborhoods. Sadly persons aged 65 and older account for forty percent of those in hospitals. Helping senior citizens maintain their health helps all of us because of how important they are to our community. Social engagement, which we provide in every activity, is a key to aging well. An article titled Social Engagement and Health Aging in the Harvard Health Publication of the Harvard Medical Journal in March 2013 stated "How connected you are to other people can be as important to health aging as not smoking or maintaining a good weight.  Social engagement may also help to preserve your memory."  It noted that "Research shows that socially isolated older adults are at greater risk of sickness, disability, and even premature death," and that "most people can gain much from fact-to-fact social interaction.  Especially as we age, it becomes more important, not less."

Contact Information

Diane Nolan Phone: 610-437-3700 dndod@aol.com