Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy. We choose to fulfill that mission by meeting the non-medical needs for people affected by epilepsy/ seizure disorder to enhance their lives and build supportive communities.

About Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA

The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA is leading the fight to end epilepsy and overcome challenges created by seizures by focusing on education, support and advocacy. We offer a range of free services and programs to improve the quality of life and empower those who are affected by epilepsy and their caregivers. We also support research to accelerate cures for the epilepsies, support the training and work of new pediatric neurology/epilepsy specialists, and also seek to educate the general public - those that work with, care for, serve, do business with, educate or encounter people with epilepsy during their daily lives  - to better understand epilepsy/seizure disorders.  

Key programs include but are not limited to: Community Education & Outreach, Epilepsy Educational Conferences & Workshops, Seizure Trainings and Recognition Programs, Legal & Medical Referrals, Children & Family Services, Adult Resource Services, Young Adult Initiative and Camp Achieve..

Contact Information

Ellen Baca Phone: 610-737-0613 lv@efepa.org