PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance

Mission Statement

The PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and acceptance, provides education, and assists families, schools and communities while advocating for individuals with TS.

About PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance

Tourette Syndrome--most people have a small idea of what that diagnosis entails, but most do not understand the variety of symptoms that can occur and how often those diagnosed feel misunderstood. This neurological condition causes a person to have movements and vocalizations that are out of their control. These symptoms are ever changing and often make regular things like reading or walking difficult to do. Because of their movements and vocalizations, they often need to explain their actions even to complete strangers.

The PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance offers support and information to family members; training for Educators and Peers; disability advocacy services to set up helpful accommodations so individuals with TS can succeed in their education; and an Annual TS Family Camp and TS Family Retreat to bring children and families from across Pennsylvania together for support and information.

By supporting our walk, you are supporting our programs to promote acceptance of those with this neurological condition.

Contact Information

Nicole Wesner Phone: 717-337-1134