Phoebe Ministries

Mission Statement

The Mission of Phoebe Ministries "A community of faith, called by God, to serve the needs and to enhance the lives of our elders, their families and the broader community." The Vision of Phoebe Ministries "A faith based ministry recognized as a leader of innovative services, education, and community resources that promotes fullness of life."

About Phoebe Ministries

Phoebe Ministries is guided by its mission to provide compassionate care to residents of its communities, regardless of their ability to pay. Over forty percent of our nursing home residents and a smaller percentage in other living situations rely on Phoebe's promise of charitable care. Last year, Phoebe provided more than $15 million in charitable care to our residents. The elderly and the poor those often forgotten in our society are at the heart of our mission and ministry.

Contact Information

Holly Nonnemacher Phone: 610-217-3187