Center for Vision Loss

Mission Statement

The Center for Vision Loss is dedicated to improving the lives of people with vision loss and promoting healthy vision in the community.

About Center for Vision Loss

Do you take your healthy vision for granted? Most of us do because even if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you probably navigate comfortably through your daily life with little or no assistance. But if you lose vision suddenly or because of an age-related eye disease, you lose your independence and you think your quality of life will never be the same. The Center for Vision Loss provides programs and services to equip individuals who are visually impaired with the adaptive skills they need to return to a comfortable level of independence again. Our Vision Rehabilitation Support Services include casework and in-home services, escorted transportation with a sighted guide, support groups, lifeskills education sessions, client enrichment programs , low vision services and an introduction to assistive technology and referrals to the PA Bureau of Blindness & Visual Services. We also provide free vision screenings for children to improve their readiness for school, vision screenings for adults on a limited basis and educational programs in the community about eye health and eye safety. A fun part of our programming includes Camp I CAN!, a summer day camp program for children 7-13 years old which introduces them to the skills they need to help them navigate in the world. Let us know if you or someone you know could use our support!

Contact Information

Dennis Zehner Phone: 610-433-6018 x 242