LifePath Foundation

Mission Statement

LifePath provides the highest quality of services to people needing specialized supports through the blending of professional knowledge, arts and skills in an environment of unconditional respect and dignity.

About LifePath Foundation

Established in 1974, LifePath is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Bethlehem, PA that provides programs and services to individuals of all ages with developmental and intellectual disabilities. LifePath's services include residential and day programs, a technology and learning center, a commercial laundry facility, outpatient mental health care, life sharing and supported living, home and community habilitation, early intervention, and a dedicated facility for medically-fragile children and young adults. LifePath serves approximately 1,400 individuals annually throughout a seven-county region in the Lehigh Valley and southeastern Pennsylvania.  

All of LifePath's programs and services are guided by the principle "Every Day Lives." This means having a life which is typical of the general population and includes being part of the community; living among family and friends; feeling safe and secure; having a say in life decisions; having dignity and status; and being recognized for abilities and gifts. LifePath's mission is to provide the highest quality of services to the individuals in our care in an environment of unconditional respect and dignity.

Contact Information

Annette Kaiser Phone: 570-350-8239