United Methodist Human Services

Mission Statement

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ by alleviating suffering and injustice faced by those with spiritual, emotional, and material needs.

About United Methodist Human Services

United Methodist Human Services has been serving Johnstown and the surrounding area since 1977. We are raising money for our Project Shoes program. Since 1993, Project Shoes has been providing, new, well-fitting, seasonally appropriate footwear to children in our community. This program is utilized in over 50 schools across Cambria County, and parts of Bedford, Somerset, and Indiana Counties, and currently supplies nearly $20,000 worth of shoes to under-resourced students each year.

There is a very real need for this program in our community, and we are really only able to fill a portion of this need. Our goal is to never have to say "no" to a child who needs a pair of shoes. Although it's just a pair of shoes, for a child, these shoes can fill needs on multiple levels. the child's physical need is being met, self-esteem is increased, and because the children's focus isn't on the the holes in her too-small shoes, or the way his wet boots smell, class participation and peer-interaction can increase. And the simple fact that a trusted adult in these children's lives saw the need and cared enough to do something about it leads to an increase in security. So this one pair of shoes leads to an overall healthier child! It's so much more than just a pair of shoes!

Contact Information

Cheryl B. Keafer Phone: 814-539-2633 cheryl@umhumanservices.org