Victim Services, Inc.

Mission Statement

Victim Services, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation chartered in 1983 to provide quality, free services for victims of violent crimes regardless of race, sex, age, mental or physical handicap, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, social and financial circumstances who desire our services by giving that victim the freedom to make informed decisions within a confidential, supportive, nonjudgmental environment by caring, sensitive staff and volunteers. It is out goal to help the client regain power and control over their lives. Our educational programs are presented in an informative manner and in a professional atmosphere. Services are provided to, but not limited to, victims of rape, incest, child sexual assault, acquaintance rape, date rape, sexual harassment, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, surviving family members of homicide and victims of an individual driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in Cambria and Somerset Counties.

About Victim Services, Inc.

Victim Services Inc. is a sexual assault and violent crimes center. Since 1983 we have been working to increase public awareness and to help survivors heal from the trauma of sexual violence and other violent crimes. All services are CONFIDENTIAL and FREE for victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes and their significant others in Cambria and Somerset Counties.

Contact Information

Kristi Wilt Phone: 814-288-4961