Delaware Guidance Services for Children & Youth, Inc.

Mission Statement

To provide quality therapeutic services to children, youth and their families to increase their social, emotional, and behavioral wellness.

About Delaware Guidance Services for Children & Youth, Inc.

Delaware Guidance Services (DGS) has been providing mental health services to children and families in Delaware for over 60 years. Through a system of evidenced-based programs and the highest-quality clinical services, we work to keep kids out of the hospital; we keep them from hurting themselves and each other; and we strengthen their individual resiliency so they can grow and thrive despite the obstacles in their lives. Today in Delaware, our children struggle to make sense of a world in which parents struggle with addiction, neighborhoods are unsafe, and many children cannot envision a future with promise and possibilities. In response to this daunting reality, DGS has undertaken a fundamental change in the way we serve Delaware’s most vulnerable children. Our therapists and social workers are meeting children and families where they are. At 2:00 a.m. when a child is in crisis and parents don’t know where to turn, DGS is there. Our staff are in the home, helping children through the crisis and helping parents find their way. And when the crisis has passed, DGS is there to help families plan for a healthy future and celebrate victories great and small. DGS is also meeting kids “where they are” by working with each child and each family to identify and build on strengths. We help kids grow by finding what’s “right” rather than simply identifying “what’s wrong.” Because we know that children can carry the weight of trauma and stress throughout their daily lives, DGS is also in schools – helping teachers and children. In schools across Delaware, DGS helps to equip educators with the tools to recognize and address effects of trauma that might be misunderstood as misbehaving, acting out or simply being “bad.” Our therapists serve kids and families during the school day and in after-school programs.

Contact Information

Suzy Rogers Phone: 302-652-3948