Please Live

Mission Statement

Mission: To cultivate mental wellness through education and awareness of youth and young adult mental health challenges, focusing primarily on depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention.
Vision: Mentally well communities.

About Please Live

After dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts throughout her teenage years, Alexa Moody knew she wanted a career in human services. She had sought and found help, but soon realized that not everyone had the same experience. During college, she read and heard the stories of a cluster of teen suicides in her community. Feeling empathy with their situation since she had similar experiences as a teen, she felt called to start a nonprofit to help teens struggling with mental illness. Thus, Please Live was formed in May 2010, and began to serve students and families in Mechanicsburg and surrounding areas in order to connect them with the help they might need.

Please Live is currently an organization with over 20 volunteers dedicated to the education and awareness of youth and young adults on mental health issues, particularly depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. Through education, Please Live strives to eradicate the stigmas associated with mental illness, empower students to seek help, and decrease the rate of teen suicide in our communities.

Since its formation, Please Live has partnered with over 60 community service agencies, participated in over 50 school and community events, and directly impacted approximately 5000 students attending its programs.

Contact Information

Alexa Moody Phone: (717) 422-6951