Victim Services Inc.

Mission Statement

Victim Services Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation chartered in 1983 to provide quality comprehensive services for victims of sexual assault and violent crimes regardless of race, sex, age, mental or physical handicap, religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation, social and financial circumstances, who request our services by giving victims the freedom to make informed choices within a confidential, supportive, nonjudgmental environment by caring, sensitive staff and volunteers. It is our goal to help the client regain power and control over their lives. Our educational programs are presented in an informative manner and in professional atmosphere.

About Victim Services Inc.

Victim Services provides confidential free services for victims of sexual assault and violent crime in Cambria and Somerset Counties. We advocate activities to affect policy change and assistance with immediate problems created by victimizations. Our counselors help a person work through the trauma of victimization and move toward healing. Victim Services' Prevention education programs are presented in all area schools from preschool through grade twelve in an age-appropriate, culturally-sensitive manner that provides for an interactive learning experience in the two-county area. In addition our agency provides programs to community groups and trainings to human service providers, law enforcement personnel, hospital personnel, and other professionals in the communities of Cambria and Somerset Counties. All programs are presented in an informative and professional manner and most programs can be adapted to meet the needs of specific populations and age groups

Contact Information

Kristi Wilt Phone: 814-288-4961