Chasing Rainbows

Team Cindy Lew

Thank you for visiting our team page! The volunteers of Chasing Rainbows decided to team up and raise money for Cindy Lew this year!

We have all loved her since she joined the team in 2015! She is the biggest of the horses, perhaps the softest, and (we may be partial) the SWEETEST! That big girl comes with some big monthly costs though...
Hay: $75 Grain: $50Bedding: $30Supplements: $50Shoes: $90Veterinary Costs: $55
That’s $350.00 a month or $4,200.00 per year.
As a participating organization in the Highmark Walk, Chasing Rainbows will receive 100% of funds donated to our team. All of the funds raised will go DIRECTLY to pay for Cindy Lew's care for the next 12 months!

The volunteers love the horses so much and know the program can't accomplish the important work without them. We hope you will consider supporting our team in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community!

Here's a video of Cindy Lew in Action!


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