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Susquehanna Service Dogs


Eyes on "6"

Welcome to team EYES ON "6" page.  

Team EYES ON "6" is made up of Veterans, family members, and friend of Veterans who have seen the positive changes made to our lives from Susquehanna Services Dog's. Our team name represents the sense of security gained by us with the addition of our companion.  Like the hour hand on the clock, the service dogs have got our "6", always watching our back.

We would be truly grateful if you would consider participating in our fundraising campaign.

Each member of team EYES ON "6" is a Veteran or a family member of a Veteran whose life has been changed dramatically with the addition of a service dog to their life. Our ultimate goal is to raise enough money for a Veteran in need of this life changing companion.

The Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community will start on Saturday, May 20 in Harrisburg at the Harrisburg Area Community College.  We would love it if you could participate or could support a Veteran in need.
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