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On mission
On mission

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Less than a month ago, one evening my sole intent was to go & do a workout along the Susquehanna river where I frequent. Along came a gentleman who was trying to put up a tent, he had directions that were actually written in German. This was right at the peak of the pandemic, I made a choice to help. Later, I learned he was homeless. We chatted as I helped him & later I shared this story on social media to show that there are still opportunities to help people. Perhaps, this share might inspire another person to do an act of kindness. On social media, I mention that I would be happy to help within my community for this type of cause if there is someone who organizes please contact me. Fast forward, less than 30 days & here I am!

Welcome to my Personal Page. Please join me as we walk virtually &/or consider making a donation on my behalf to support homelessness within my Harrisburg community. I am asking everyone who volunteers to walk to make a $1 donation. For those who do not commit to walk, $3 donation. The goal will be to walk 3 miles on June 14th. More details to come.
Thank you for supporting  our team in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community.
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